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  • Our company has been providing consulting, advisory and technical services in the field of the environment, primarily with a focus on air protection - i.e. emissions, immissions, greenhouse gases and fluorinated greenhouse gases, since 1998. Our team of experts also has extensive experience in other components of environmental protection - water and waste management, nature and landscape protection or environmental burdens and baseline reports or environmental impact assessment (EIA/SEA). Our company also performs certified calculations of the carbon footprint of the company or products (product) based on the STN EN ISO 14067 standard and the GHG protocol in accordance with the certificate issued by the World Resources Institute.

    We have the expertise to process the application for an integrated permit for various types of operations, including advice on communication with the concerned authorities and the public.

    We carry out environmental audits of legislative compliance of operations with currently valid regulations in the area of environmental protection. We can prepare the operation for certification in the sense of the ISO 14001 standard, we advise on determining the carbon footprint of the company or products. We organize and provide training in various areas of ŽP, internal training of workers in terms of approved documentation, etc.  

    We hold European accreditation in the EU ETS system for verification of greenhouse gas data (annual data on CO emissions2, currently achieved levels of activity, or its changes, allocations and validation of monitoring plans, or annual emissions monitoring methodologies, etc.)

    The goal of our company is to ensure industrial and agricultural activities, or solve their problems, in accordance with environmental protection.

    The rich experience of our workers is a guarantee of high expertise and professionalism in all our activities. Thanks to our high professionalism, our services are used by both domestic companies and large foreign investors.

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