We have the expertise to process applications for the issuance of an integrated permit and its changes for various types of operations and activities. We provide advice in communication with the concerned state administration bodies and the public. We prepare baseline reports, evaluate compliance, or we point out the non-compliance of the operations with the published Conclusions on BAT for the relevant industries.

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Emissions / Immissions / Odor

We are specialists in emissions and immissions of pollutants in the air, including odorous substances. Organizationally, we provide accredited and technological discontinuous emission measurements and functional tests of emission automated monitoring systems (AMS_E). We take air samples to determine its odor footprint. We prepare annual NEIS reports and operational documentation (Operation records, Sets of technical-operational parameters and technical-organizational measures for the operation of the air pollution source - STP, Operating procedures - instructions for the operator from the point of view of air protection, odor or dust control plans, etc.), as well as applications necessary for the issuance of binding opinions and/or permits for sources of pollution and air and their changes, for all categories of sources and applications for approval of the procedure for calculating the amount of emission. We develop and evaluate dispersion studies of immissions and odorous substances. We provide consultations and advice in the field of air protection, we search for and propose optimal measures to reduce emissions. We provide technical support and assistance in the design and implementation of sources of air pollution, as well as in the design and implementation of corrective and preventive measures.

You can find the legislative regulations currently valid for this area on the following links: