As part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA/SEA) in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Act, we ensure:

  • development of the Activity Plan, or Notices of Change in Proposed Business
  • preparation of the Evaluation Report
  • preparation and management of public hearings
  • consultation and advice on investment plans subject to the EIA/SEA process
  • preparation of expert opinions in accordance with § 61 par. 8 of Act 24/2006 Coll. in znp


Waste Management

We ensure normal operational activities in the field of waste management, coordination of the export of waste from operations, prepare applications and represent clients in proceedings at various state administration bodies (SIŽP, OU OSŽP, MŽP SR, RÚVZ, RVPS, OcU, etc.), we keep records of waste, packaging, reserved products and packaging streams, we prepare annual reports on waste management and regular reports on packaging, etc.

We prepare operating documentation and requests for approval, or decisions according to the Waste Act, e.g.:

  • Measures in the event of an accident when handling hazardous waste
  • Operating procedure for waste management
  • Hazardous waste identification sheets
  • Requests of various types (depending on the procedure)
  • Operating procedure for waste recovery equipment
  • Ongoing record keeping
  • Elaboration and submission of Notifications on waste generation and waste management
  • Reports on transported NO
  • etc.

Water management

We carry out professional supervision of water structures, we ensure the work of a company water manager or the collection of OV samples and subsequent analysis by an accredited laboratory. We prepare annual reports and operational documentation and requests for approval, respectively. decisions according to the Water Act, e.g.:

  • water management approval for a warehouse or collection point O and NO
  • we develop operating procedures for the storage and handling of pollutants, including operating procedures for water structures
  • Plan of preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of uncontrollable leakage of pollutants into ŽP and to proceed in the event of their leakage into surface and underground waters - Emergency plan for water protection (HP)
  • We carry out employee training in the sense of the approved HP
  • etc.

Training activity

We organize professional training and can train your employees in all areas of environmental protection (waste management, air protection, water protection, EIA/SEA, IPKZ, greenhouse gases, fluorinated greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, ESG, etc.). We also participate in training activities within various agencies or directly at schools.

Environmental audits

We carry out internal environmental audits of legislative compliance of operations with currently valid regulations in the area of environmental protection. We can prepare the operation for certification in the sense of the ISO 14001 and ISO 19011 standards.